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Grevillea Canberra

Description: Grevillea Canberra is one of many Grevillea varieties for which the attributes below apply. Canberra is a medium-sized Grevillea shrub growing to 6 to 8 feet tall with an equal spread. 'Canberra’ forms a dense shrub with arching branches, and deep green, needle-like leaves. It produces clusters of rose-red flowers forming along the branches in winter and spring. It tolerates both dry situations and irrigated garden conditions. Most Grevilleas are planted for their floral and foliage display as well as ability to attract nectar-feeding birds to the garden. They grow under a wide range of conditions. Grevilleas flower best in sunny, dry locations although they will also grow in light shade. They should have well-drained soil and do not like excessive watering. It is probably best they aren’t planted near lawns. Regular pruning after flowering is recommended to enhance and rejuvenate flowering and plant growth. Most varieties are drought tolerant, as well as frost hardy down to 20 º F.

Size: 01,05,15 US Zone: (View Zone Map)
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Grevillea Canberra
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