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Chilopsis l. ‘Burgundy” (Burgundy Desert Willow)


Chilopsis linearis ‘Burgundy”, Burgundy Desert Willow, grows as a large deciduous shrub or small tree. They grow up to 15 feet or more. Desert Willow has willow-like, long narrow leaves and grows freely in desert areas that receive water. The flowers are fragrant and deep burgundy red in color appearing in May and blooming until September. Desert Willow is a native near waterways in our local Southern California deserts. It likes moderate water and full sun. Desert Willow does best inland and of course in the desert. With deep, infrequent irrigation ‘Burgundy’ is a fast grower that covers itself with hundreds of hummingbird-attracting summer flowers.

Size: 05,15,24,05M,15M,24M US Zone: (View Zone Map)
CA Zone: (View Zone Map)

Chilopsis l. ‘Burgundy” (Burgundy Desert Willow)
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