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Escallonia 'Lido Dwarf'

Description: Escallonia 'Lido Dwarf' is sometimes called Escallonia Newport Dwarf. It displays colorful red clusters of flowers on an evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage. It has a compact growth habit to 3' tall X 4' wide. 'Lido Dwarf' provides the best flower production when it’s grown in full sun but it requires some shade in hot, inland climates. Escallonia 'Lido Dwarf' should be an especially attractive addition to the gardens of Village Nurseries customers because it is a low maintenance plant and it becomes drought tolerant once it’s established.

Size: #01, #05,#15 US Zone: (View Zone Map)

Sunset Zone: 4-9, 14-24 (View Zone Map)

Escallonia 'Lido Dwarf'
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