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Euonymus fortunei 'Colorata' is an extremely hardy, evergreen, clinging vine like shrub. It forms a dense, ground cover. The shiny, leathery-looking, dark green leaves turn reddish-purple from late fall into winter. It is customarily non-fruiting and is often planted as a groundcover in wooded areas. Euonymus fortunei 'Colorata' can also be used for erosion control on slopes. Most euonymous will grow in a diverse set of conditions, ranging from dry shade to full sun and in a wide variety of soils. Euonymus fortunei 'Colorata' will not tolerate wet, heavy soils. It can be pruned as needed for a particular look or desired neatness but it is not a plant that can be expected to stay in a small area. Euonymus fortunei 'Colorata' grows to a height of 12 - 15 in. and spreads 24 – 36 in. across. Euonymus fortunei 'Colorata'

Chrysanthemum m. Snow Lady is a dwarf variety of the famous Shasta Daisy.  The reliable Snow Lady perennial produces many pure white daisy-like flowers with yellow button centers. They are sun-loving plants and have been long time garden favorites, blooming in summer and fall.  They are shallow-rooted and need moist soil and regular feeding. They must also be cut back regularly to promote blooming.

Chrysanthemum m. Snow Lady

Excellent, fast-growing lawn and street tree. Sun to part shade.

picture 074

Cinnamomum Camphora (Camphor Tree)
Stately pyramidal form,Green foliage with bluish tinge with upturning tips, Sun or shade SEQUOIA SOQUEL ()

Gleditsia triacanthos Shademaster is often called the Honeylocust Tree. It is a native tree in the pea family that can grow to be 75 feet tall. The Honeylocust has small leaflets which will provide filtered, soft shade. It is a low-maintenance, fast-growing tree that requires little or no fall raking since the leaves are small. They seem to disappear into the ground when they drop in fall. It is cold hardy and tolerant of drought conditions and even some salinity. Shademaster is a good choice for windbreaks and erosion control.

Gleditsia t. 'Shademaster' PP #1515
Mature palms can reach heights up to 50', 20'-25' foot wide. Feathery leaves are 10'-15' long. Flowers are clusters of white to cream blooming during summer, produces attractive, decorative orange dates. Mature palms can stand temperatures down to 25*F, has been known to recover from temperatures down to 16*F. Sun to partial shade, moderate to regular water.

Small fragrant blooms summer to fall attract butterflies and hummingbirds. This large deciduous shrub to small tree prefers full sun, well drained soil.

Vitex angus castus (Chaste Tree)

 'Red Sensation' is a palm-like, evergreen, sub-tropical tree has long arching, broad leaves purplish red, producing sweet-scented flowers in late spring to summer.Full coastal sun to light shade. Shade protection is necessary in hotter inland gardens. Consider it drought tolerant in coastal gardens. Requires occasional to regular irrigation inland. It makes a great container plant usually grown to about 36 inches tall. Sometimes 'Red Sensation' is confused with 'Red Star' but the two compared side by side are definitely different plants. Red Sensation has slightly wider leaves that are more purple hued with a green vein appearing in older leaves.

Height: 10'-20'

Width: 5' - 8'

Cordyline australis 'Red Sensation' (Red Sensation Cordyline)
Arching, twisted,pale green leaves with a single spine at the tip. makes a rosette up to 6' tall/wide. Excellent in containers.  A very unusual looking succulent with narrow green leaves that twist back towards the ground, making it look like a 4 feet tall and wide octopus with outreaching tentacles. Arching deeply furrowed leaves are unarmed, making this Agave a relatively safe plant for walkway areas or container growing. It should be noted the leaf margins, while unarmed to the eye can have small serrations and be fairly sharp. Plant in full sun. Tolerates drought and cold temperatures to 24 ° F. Agave vilimoriana (Octopus Agave)
An extremely versatile and easy-care dwarf selection with lush blue-green foliage and blue flowers followed by attractive purple berries. An excellent mass planting or border in front of shrubs. Tolerates most any soil and salt spray. Evergreen. Erect foliage 1½ ft. tall, slowly spreading clump. Dianella caerulea 'DBB03' Cassa Blue TM P.P.# 17998 (Cassa Blue Flax Lily)
Maple-like leaves; Pink and purple flowers, Sun to partial shade LAVATERA BICOLOR (Tree Mallow)
The Feijoa sellowiana is a slow-growing, multistemmed evergreen shrub. It can be trained to grow like a small tree with a single trunk, it can be grown on an espalier or it can be pruned to form a dense hedge or screen. With no pruning Feijoa sellowiana may reach 15 ft. tall and wide. The leaves are 2-3 in. long and are silvery underneath. The unusual flowers are edible and very attractive. They are sometimes in salads in up-scale restaurants. They are about 1 in. wide with fleshy white petals. The edible fruits are round or egg-shaped, avbout 1-3 in. long. The feijoas, as the fruits are also called, have waxy blue-green or gray-green skins around a juicy greenish white pulp. Feijoa sellowiana

Compact clump to 2-3', 3' - 4' wide. Stays evergreen in mild areas. Spring-fall bloomer. Good choice for large area ground cover.

Miscanthus transmorrisonensis (Evergreen Miscanthus)