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Robust, showy perennial grass growing 2'-3' tall. Great for large areas; however can be invasive when used as an ornamental grass. Beautiful seed plumes in shades of white, cream and puple adorn the clump summer thru fall. Tender to cold. Doesn't require much water.

Pennisetum setaceum (Tender Fountain Grass)

Fast-growing perennial sub-shrub to 30" tall x 30-36" wide. Small lance-shaped gray-green foliage provides the background to the tall showy spikes of tubular red flowers that appear on the branch tips in late-summer and fall. A favorite of hummingbirds, this species is well suited for native gardens, slopes and hillsides, or in containers or planter boxes. Low water needs once established. Sun to light shade.

Zauschneria californica (California Fuchsia)
Ixora Maui Red is a dwarf, evergreen shrub. It thrives on heat and humidity and grows as a sprawling plant with abundant clusters of tubular, bright orange flowers on foliage that displays shades of bronze to glistening dark green. Ixora Maui Red’s heavy branching and compact growing habit make it an ideal choice for hedges, borders, and screens. Ixora Maui Red

Potentilla f. McKay's White is a dense multi-stemmed deciduous shrub that grows generally in a rounded form.  It is often seen as a compact shrub with showy soft white flowers from June until the fall.  It has fine-textured dusty green foliage throughout the season. The leaves are small and fern like but with no noticeable color change y in fall


Potentilla f. McKay's White has a relatively fine texture that sets it apart from other plants.  It is a relatively low maintenance shrub.  McKay's White Potentilla will grow to be about 2 feet tall with a 2 foot spread.  It tends to fill out right down to the ground but it grows at a slow rate. 


Potentilla f. McKay's White should be grown in full sun. It is very adaptable to both dry and moist locations. It is considered to be drought-tolerant and makes an ideal choice for a water conserving garden.



Potentilla f. McKay's White

Perennial with evergreen strap like leaves forming clumps 18" tall. In summer the blooms on 1' - 1 1/2'' tall stalks with white clusters of flowers in a ball shape. Prefers full sun to partial shade and regular to moderate water.


Strong vining habit for quick cover and beautiful, showy masses of bronze-orange flowers. Can be used as summer annual in cold climates in patio containers, hanging baskets. Evergreen. Showy plant excellent for arbors, fences or containers.

Bougainvillea 'Orange King'
Elaeagnus pungens, also known as Silverthorn, is a large shrub with a sprawling growth habit. Elaeagnus pungens grows numerous, long branchless stems during the growing season. If it is grown out in the open and not pruned this shrub will form a symmetrical mound of foliage up to 15 ft. tall and as much as 20 ft. in diameter. The actual size is dependent on the variety and the climate where it grows. The slender young stems of Elaeagnus pungens are pliable and fast growing and they act like "canes" that bend to form large arcs when not supported. It can be invasive when it is grown near other shrub plantings. The Silverthorn stems weave their way into and among an adjacent shrub’s branches in order to get the most sunlight. Elaeagnus pungens (Silverthorn)
Camelia s. Shishi Gashira flowers in autumn to early winter. It has deep magenta double blossoms that are perfect in an Asian garden. Shi-Shi Gashira is considered by some to be the best landscape camellia. Its smaller size makes it more versatile and the red-pink blooms look better than many roses. It eventually reaches 5 feet in height. Often used as a foundation hedge, an “accent” evergreen or as an entryway plant. It can be planted any time of the year. Camellia s. Shishi Gashira
Great as accent plant; Showy, dark pink flowers, Sun LEPTOSPERMUM S HELENE STRYBING (Helene Strybing' Tea Tree)
Fraxinus Americana 'Autumn Purple' is a large tree that needs a large space. It is best grown in moist, organically rich, well-drained loam soil in full sun. Best locations for planting are areas protected from strong winds. 'Autumn Purple' is generally tolerant of most urban conditions. 'Autumn Purple', is a seedless male tree and is a cultivar of the species which is native to moist growing areas. This fast growing tree, 2/3 feet per year, is almost of pyramidal shape with a round top when young, but gradually slows down and develops an oval shape. Autumn Purple Ash trees prefer a sunny location. This deciduous tree develops a consistently outstanding deep red, maroon or purple fall color. There are few if any trees with longer lasting fall colors. The Autumn Purple Ash tree makes a great tall shade tree. Fraxinus a. 'Autumn Purple'
30-50' tall and wide large Deciduous tree with pronounced weeping appearance. Salix babylonica (Weeping Willow)

Delicate upright foliage with seasonal color changes. Excellent hedge, accent, screen or container plant. Sun or shade.

Nandina domestica (Heavenly bamboo)

Fast-growing evergreen shrub to 4-6' tall and wide. This tough, low-maintenance selection features attractive gray-green leaves with silvery-white undersides that give the plant an overall silvery-green appearance.  Borne on the branch tips, are its showy deep-blue flowers that appear late-spring into fall. Great as a contrast to bright colored shrubs and perennials, as an informal background, or clipped into a hedge. Tolerates poor soils and has relatively low water needs once established. Prefers a full to partial sun exposure.

Teucrium fruticans 'Azureum' (Azure Bush Germander)

Evergreen shrub, can be grown as an annual in cold climates. Has an upright, arching form growing up to 10' tall and wide. Broad maple like leaves with crimson colored drooping bell flowers bloom most of the year. Prefers sun to partial shade in hottest climates, moderate to regular water.

Abutilon hybrid 'Red' (Flowering Maple, Chinese Bellflower, Chinese Latern)

Chilopsis linearis ‘Burgundy”, Burgundy Desert Willow, grows as a large deciduous shrub or small tree. They grow up to 15 feet or more. Desert Willow has willow-like, long narrow leaves and grows freely in desert areas that receive water. The flowers are fragrant and deep burgundy red in color appearing in May and blooming until September. Desert Willow is a native near waterways in our local Southern California deserts. It likes moderate water and full sun. Desert Willow does best inland and of course in the desert. With deep, infrequent irrigation ‘Burgundy’ is a fast grower that covers itself with hundreds of hummingbird-attracting summer flowers.

Chilopsis l. ‘Burgundy” (Burgundy Desert Willow)