Reach for the top

The “good, better and best” method of product selection, in my experience, has proven a very effective tool for both giving customers choices and closing the sale. As a grower, you may be dividing up your product selection in such a way by distinguishing “value” versus “premium” crops. If you don’t yet provide such upsells…
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Op-Ed It’s 90 degrees in the shade — have you watered that tree?

article by Carol Bornstein/Los Angeles Times We expect a lot from the trees we've planted in the Los Angeles Basin. They have to tolerate polluted air, excessive heat reflected off buildings and streets, the compacted or depleted soils that are a fixture of urban life, physical damage (trucks, lawn mowers, weed whackers, graffiti) and…
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5 Xeric Plants for Many Places

It may seem odd to talk about plants for dry areas when much of Texas has been inundated this spring by rains of near biblical proportions. But climate conditions continue to change — at the beginning of June, areas of the West experienced ongoing abnormally dry to exceptional drought intensities, and much of the Northeast…
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