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Arbutus unedo ‘Marina’ Evergreen tree with slow growth. The leaves are large glossy deep green with red stems trunk and branches have rich reddish brown peeling bark. Flowers are clusters of rosy pink urn shaped later forming round fruit that changes from yellow to red and is edible. Arbutus 'Marina' grows 25-40 ft. tall with a broad dense crown. The upright branches are covered with a smooth mahogany colored bark which exfoliates in late summer to expose the next year’s bark at this stage a cinnamon color. Pendulous clusters of urn-shaped white blushed pink flowers are produced year-round along the coast with peaks in spring and fall. The fruit that follows also appears heaviest in spring and fall in such a manner that the younger yellow fruit are visible while mature red fruit is still on the tree. This adds further to the decorative qualities of this tree as it almost appears as though the tree has Christmas decorations upon it. The fruit is also edible with a flavor likened to a mixture of kiwi fruit and strawberry. 1
Juncus patens ‘Elk Blue’  Elk Blue California Gray Rush is an upright but fine textured grass-like plant. It forms dense clumps with narrow blue-gray stems that grow upright to a height of 18” to 24”. 'Elk Blue' can grow higher up to 30 inches with regular irrigation and fertilizer. This variety has inconspicuous golden brown flower clusters from spring to fall. 'Elk Blue' is a versatile plant. It goes well in dry shade or if regularly irrigated it does well in full sun. It is drought tolerant once established. Considered to be an adaptable species able to thrive in moist soils even shallow water. 2

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