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Elaeocarpus decipiens 'MonProud' PP#17,611 'Little Emperor' Elaeocarpus decipiens 'MonProud' PP#17,611 'Little Emperor' This is a very handsome shrub! Excellent selection to flank a front entry or courtyard. A very tidy shrub reaching 6-10' tall and wide. New foliage is bronzy, maturing into a darker green. As leaves age they will turn a brilliant red before dropping adding interest to this evergreen shrub. Sweet scented creamy-white flowers show in summer, followed by a black olive-like fruit. Prefers full to partial sun. Very easy care. 1
Ilex x 'RutHol1' PP#23,905 Emerald Colonnade® Ilex x 'RutHol1' PP#23,905 Emerald Colonnade® This non-berry producing holly makes an excellent hedge, windbreak or screen. It also does well in a container or as a topiary specimen to accent an entryway or formal garden. Nice addition to a Zen/Asian design. A moderate-growing evergreen shrub reaches 10-12' tall x 6-8' wide. Small, cream-colored flowers show in spring. Deer resistant. Low water required once established. Prefers full sun. 1

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