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Melaleuca nesophila Moderate to fast-growing evergreen shrub or small multi-trunked tree to 20’ tall and wide with age. Small round grayish-green leaves are accented with a profusion of 1” wide powder-puff-like pinkish-mauve flowers appearing primarily late-spring through summer with intermittent bloom throughout the year in milder climates. Attracts birds and bees. This highly adaptable species can be grown as a dense formal clipped hedge or screen or left un-pruned to form an open-branched multi-trunked tree where its twisting naturally sculptured appearance reveals its attractive spongy gray to light-brown peeling bark. Thrives in multiple climates in a variety of soil conditions from direct coastal exposure (tolerates sea spray) to the heat of warm inland or desert environments. Requires little water in milder climates and performs best with regular watering in warmer areas. Prefers a full to partial sun exposure. 1
Chitalpa ‘Pink Dawn’ Chitalpa 'Pink Dawn' is a small to medium sized ornamental tree a cross between the desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) and (catalpa bignoniodes). It is said to possess the best features of both parent species beautiful and tolerant of most of soil conditions and climates in the Southwestern United States. 'Pink Dawn features abundant clusters of showy pale pink flowers. Each cluster contains anywhere from 15 to 30 or more flowers. The 1 inch long flowers have a funnel-shaped throat with purple guides that line the inside. They emerge to give orchid-like striping to the pink petals. Flowering begins in May in Southern California and continues well into late fall. 1
Tuskegee Pink Crepe Myrtle Lagerstroemia x. ‘Tuskegee’ Pink

Lagerstroemia 'Tuskegee Pink' the Tuskegee Pink Crepe Myrtle was first introduced in 1986. The flowers are dark pink and the typical average growth height is 15-20 feet in “standard” tree form.  It can make an outstanding multi-stemmed small tree in the landscape as well.  During spring to fall the flower color provides a spectacular accent to any landscape.


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