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Bigleaf Periwinkle

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  • Bigleaf Periwinkle

    Vinca major

    Fast-growing evergreen perennial commonly used as a groundcover. Grows to 10-18"" tall with a strongly-spreading growth habit. Rooting itself wherever stems contact moist soil this species is prized for its ability to create a lush-looking groundcover in a very short amount of time as well as its low maintenance free-blooming ...[ read more ]

  • Illumination Vinca

    Vinca minor ‘Illumination’ PP#12132

    This  variegated selection of vinca has lovely golden centers with green margins. Flowering tends to be intermittent throughout the season with flush of blooms in the spring. The blue flowers contrast well against the foliage.Use as a groundcover in the front of borders and rock gardens. This novelty foliage also ...[ read more ]

  • Vitex agnus castus

    Large, fast-growing deciduous shrub or small multi-trunk tree to 15-20’ tall x 10-15’ wide. Can easily be sheared to maintain a smaller size if desired. This floriferous species forms a dense rounded globe of pinnately-divided, aromatic rich-green foliage, accented with a profusion of showy, fragrant, lilac-colored flower spikes that appear ...[ read more ]

  • Mexican Fan Palm

    Washingtonia robusta

    Fast-growing, tropical evergreen palm to 80-100’ tall, forming a 10-15’ wide crown with age. A standout in the skyline, this highly-popular, vigorous-growing species has long-been revered for its toughness and durability. A single, slender, towering trunk is topped with large, glossy, fan-shaped, 3-4’ wide deep-green fronds that lend a tropical ...[ read more ]

  • Java Red Weigela

    Weigela florida ‘Java Red’

    Moderate-growing deciduous shrub to 5-6’ tall and wide, or slightly larger with age. Often prior to the emergence of its attractive purple-tinged foliage, appear abundant clusters of dark-red flower buds that open to eye-catching, bell-shaped, pinkish-red flowers appearing late-spring into early summer attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Cold hardy, tough and ...[ read more ]

  • Weigela 'Wine and Roses'


    Valued for their lavish springtime display of funnel shaped 1 inch long flowers in bright pink. New foliage is a deep purple maturing to a purplish green then deep purple again in fall on a mounded shrub reaching up to 5 foot tall and wide. Can withstand temperatures to 10* ...[ read more ]

  • Bristol Beauty Weigela

    Weigela x ‘Bristol Beauty’

    Moderate-growing deciduous shrub with an upright, rounded growth habit to 6’ tall and wide. Rich green foliage is accented with a profusion of showy, tubular dark-red flowers that appear primarily in spring, with some repeat blooming in mid-summer and fall. A favorite for hummingbirds. Well-suited in mixed shrub borders, or ...[ read more ]

  • Westringia ‘Sorrento Coast’ PPAF

    This is a compact, evergreen shrub that is heat and drought tolerant with soft attractive two-tone foliage of cream and green. It will tolerate coastal conditions as well as inland heat and humidity. Blooming season begins in the spring with a mass of light lavender blue flowers continuing with sporadic ...[ read more ]

  • Placeholder

    Westringia ‘Blue Gem’ TM

    Blue Gem™ possibly is one of  the best flowering Westringia. Vibrant bluish-purple flowers stand out against very attractive grayish foliage. Responds well to pruning after flowering to maintain its  compact habit. Blooms profusely in spring with occasional blooms throughout the year. Water regularly to establish. Full sun. Excellent selection for ...[ read more ]

  • Westringia ‘Morning Light’

    Compact evergreen shrub growing to 3-4’ tall x 4-5’ wide. While not as prolific a bloomer as others within its genus revealing its dainty white flowers only in spring this unique variety is greatly revered for its attractive variegated linear-shaped leaves that are a pale green with lovely creamy-white margins. ...[ read more ]

  • ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ Coast Rosemary

    Westringia ‘Wynyabbie Gem’

    Fast-growing fine-textured evergreen shrub to 6-8’ tall and wide. Interesting rosemary-like olive-green leaves with white undersides are accented with dainty light-lavender colored flowers that appear on the branch tips primarily in late-winter into spring and throughout the year in warmer climates. This popular variety is revered for its more upright ...[ read more ]

  • Westringia fruticosa ‘Smokey’

    Medium-sized compact evergreen shrub growing to 4-6’ tall and wide. While not as prolific a bloomer as others within its genus revealing its dainty violet-tinged white flowers primarily in spring this variety is greatly revered for its attractive variegated linear-shaped leaves that are a medium-green with lovely creamy-white margins. Though ...[ read more ]

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