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  • Giant Calla Lily

    Zantedeschia ‘Hercules’

    Semi-evergreen perennial one of the largest of its species growing to 4-5' tall and wide. An exceptionally large variety of Calla Lily exhibiting white-spotted lush green foliage and large showy funnel-shaped snowy-white flowers that rise above the foliage on 5-6' tall stems. Blooms late-spring into summer. Remove spent flowers to ...[ read more ]

  • Zauschneria californica

    Fast-growing perennial sub-shrub to 30 tall x 30-36" wide. Small lance-shaped gray-green foliage provides the background to the tall showy spikes of tubular red flowers that appear on the branch tips in late-summer and fall. A favorite of hummingbirds this species is well suited for native gardens slopes and hillsides ...[ read more ]

  • Village Green Zelkova

    Zelkova serrata ‘Village Green’

    Moderately fast-growing deciduous tree to 40-60' tall and wide and has been known to get even larger with age and ideal conditions. Juvenile trees have a somewhat upright vase-shaped growth habit eventually forming a canopy with age. Greatly admired for it's resistance to Dutch Elm disease this attractive variety features ...[ read more ]

  • Zephyr Lily

    Zephyranthes candida

    Moderate-growing, rush-like evergreen growing from a bulb to 12" tall x 12-20" wide. Narrow, glossy, dark-green foliage is accented with showy, yellow-centered white flowers that rise above the foliage in late-summer and fall. Both bold and dainty, this attractive species is certain to lend an elegant touch to rock gardens, borders, mixed flower planters, ...[ read more ]

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