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  • Sydney Golden Wattle

    Acacia longifolia

    Fast-growing evergreen shrub or small tree with a mounding growth habit to 15-20' tall and wide. This tough, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant Australian native can be grown as a single trunk tree but is more commonly left un-pruned to achieve its dense, bushy growth habit. Lance-shaped, light-green leaves are accented with lightly-fragrant, ...[ read more ]

  • Blackwood Acacia

    Acacia melanoxylon

    Fast-growing evergreen tree with an upright growth-habit to 40' tall x 20' wide. This tough, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant species forms a slightly-pyramidal to rounded crown of narrow, medium-green leaves accented with creamy-white, powder-puff-like flowers that appear near the branch tips late-winter into spring. Flowers are followed by interesting, curly, light-brown seed ...[ read more ]

  • Weeping Acacia

    Acacia pendula

    Slow-growing evergreen tree to 20-25’ tall x 10-15’ wide. This tough yet very attractive Australian native features gracefully weeping branches clothed with narrow, silvery-blue foliage that makes this durable species a visual standout in the landscape. Small pale-yellow flowers may appear in late-fall, though blooming is inconsistent and mostly inconspicuous. ...[ read more ]

  • Acacia redolens

    Moderate to fast-growing evergreen shrub with a spreading growth habit to 2-5’ tall x 10-15’ wide. A relatively short-lived species to 15-20 years old, this popular and durable selection features attractive, sprawling gray-green foliage accented with powder-puff-like yellow flowers that appear near the branch tips late-winter to early-spring. Highly adaptable, ...[ read more ]

  • Acacia redolens ‘Low Boy’

    Fast growing variety, which will stay about 12" tall spreading to cover a large area quickly making it an excellent selection for erosion control. Adapts easily to heat, sun, drought and cold to 25 degrees. Very attractive olive-green leaves with fluffy yellow flowers late winter into spring. Height: 12" Width: ...[ read more ]

  • Acacia salicina

    Evergreen tree with creamy yellow flowers that will bloom most of the year heaviest in fall to winter. Long dark green leaves up to 3 long create a semi-weeping form on a fast growing tree. It can grow to 40' tall and 15' wide. It prefers full sun and will ...[ read more ]

  • Acacia saligna

    Evergreen shrub or small tree with deep golden-orange flowers. Blooming heaviest in spring. Foliage is narrow blue - green leaves 6-12" long.  Fast growing up to 30' tall and 20' wide. Prefers full sun and tolerates little to no water once established.

  • Acacia smallii

    Moderately fast-growing deciduous tree to 15-30’ tall x 15-25’ wide. Highly popular in arid climates, this attractive species is vase-shaped in youth, to eventually develop an airy, more rounded canopy with age. Thorned-branches clothed with small bright-green leaves are accented with fragrant, powder-puff-like golden-yellow flowers that appear in early to ...[ read more ]

  • Acacia stenophylla

    Moderately fast-growing evergreen tree to 20-30’ tall x 10-20’ wide. This tough yet very attractive Australian native features gracefully weeping branches clothed with long, narrow, slightly-curled, silvery-blue foliage that makes this durable species a visual standout in the landscape. Small, lightly-fragrant, powder-puff-like creamy-yellow flowers appear late-winter into spring, followed by ...[ read more ]

  • Acanthus mollis

    Fast-growing herbaceous perennial to 3-4’ tall, forming a clump to 3’ wide. This lush-looking species features large, bold, lobed, glossy deep-green leaves accented with tall spikes of dramatic, multi-toned white and lavender flowers that rise above the attractive foliage spring into early-summer. Makes a good cut flower. This species is ...[ read more ]

  • Acer negundo

    Fast-growing deciduous tree to 40-60’ tall x 30-50’ wide with age, often forming multiple trunks. This North America native forms a rounded-crown of foliage that differs from many maple species in that it is comprised of compound leaflets as opposed to the maple-leaf-shape most generally associated with this genus. Spring ...[ read more ]

  • Red Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood'

    Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’

    Moderate to slow-growing deciduous tree to 12-15’ tall and wide. This highly-popular variety forms a rounded, lightly-tiered crown of attractive, palmate, purplish-red foliage that retains its color throughout the growing season, turning a vibrant scarlet color in the cool of fall. Adding further appeal to this variety is its attractive, ...[ read more ]

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