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Formosa Lavender Azalea



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  • Azalea ‘Formosa Lavender’

    Rich deep rose purple flowers with darker accents blotch these large showy blooms. Blooms early to midseason on tall upright plants with deep green leaves. Mature height and width 8 ft by 5™ easily maintained smaller. Hardy to zone 8 protect under 20* F Grows best in full or part ...[ read more ]

  • Azalea ‘Girard Purple’

    Girard Purple has very large hose-in-hose purple blossoms on a low and compact plant. Like all Girard evergreen azaleas this one is also very hardy. It blooms in early May.

  • Azalea ‘Girard Rose’

    Azalea 'Girard Rose' - Single deep rosy-red flowers bloom in early May on this broadleaf upright shrub. It's foliage is glossy green and takes on red tints in fall. Evergreen.

  • Azalea ‘Happy Days’ Lavender

    Deep violet purple double blooms are stunning on light green leaves. Flowers heavy in Spring and may rebloom throughout the year. Mature height and width 5 ft by 5 ft. Hardy in zone 8 protect under 20* F. Grows best in full or part shade. Use Azalea soil mix for ...[ read more ]

  • Azalea ‘Little John’

    Eye-catching reddish-purple foliage covers this symmetrically branched rounded shrub. Single burgundy-red blooms are rarely seen. A colorful accent even without flowers! Great in containers.

  • Azalea ‘Pride of Dorking Red’

    This variety is selected for vigor and sun tolerance. They grow fast and are sometimes sold as sun Azaleas. Pride of Dorking has brilliant fuchsia to red flowers (deep carmine red). Must have regular watering.

  • Prize Azalea

    Azalea ‘Prize’

    'Prize' has exceptionally dark green leaves creating the perfect background for the abundant 'frilly', semi-double bright cherry red blooms. Easy-to-care evergreen shrub with a shallow root system making it an excellent choice for a foundation hedge, container or patio planting. Prize requires ample water and performs best in semi- to deep shade. ...[ read more ]

  • Azalea ‘Red Bird’

    Compact spreading evergreen azalea developed primarily for cold hardiness. Flowers are borne in showy trusses of 1 to 4 per cluster. Bloom time is late April in warmer areas and as late as mid-June in cooler climates. This is usually a back of the border azalea. Plant drops some leaves ...[ read more ]

  • Azalea ‘Southern Charm Pink’

    Big plant produces showy single deep rose blooms on light green leaves. Blooms heavy in late season. Mature height and width 8 ft by 8 ft. easily maintained smaller. Grows best in full sun. Hardy in zone 8 protect under 20* F. Use azalea soil mix for best results.

  • Azalea ‘White Lace’

    A heat-tolerant Southern Indica Hybrid this evergreen azalea bears showy clusters of large white flowers with pale margins. Broadly funnel-shaped single flowers. Bloom is from early to mid-spring. The rounded chest-high plants have handsome dark green leaves. Selected in the Southeast United States for their tolerance of hot humid conditions ...[ read more ]

  • Azalea Duc De Rohan ‘Pink’

    A heat-tolerant Southern Indica Hybrid this evergreen azalea bears showy clusters of salmon-pink flowers from late winter into spring. The funnel-shaped single blooms have a rose-pink central blotch. The compact rounded plants are densely furnished with handsome narrow dark green leaves.

  • Azalea rutherfordiana Alaska

    'Alaska' has dense lush evergreen foliage creating an attractive shrub with masses of showy snow white blooms covering the entire shrub. Reliable performance makes this a highly popular landscape choice. Sun or partial shade regular to ample water evergreen. Height: 3-5 ft. at maturity Width: 4-6 ft.

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