Chondropetalum tectorumCordyline banksii x australis x pumilo ‘Renegade’ PP#18605Cordyline burgundy ‘Design-a-Line’ PP#24764Deschampsia caespitosa ‘Northern Lights’Deschampsia cespitosaDianella caerulea ‘DBB03′ Cassa Blue™ P.P.# 17998Dianella caerulea ‘DCMP01′ Little Becca P.P.# 18452Dianella caerulea ‘DCNC0′ P.P.# 18505 BeccaDianella hybrid DP401 ‘Clarity Blue™’ PPAFDianella revoluta ‘DTN03′ PP#18883 Baby BlissDianella tasmanica ‘DR5000 P.P.# 17719 ‘Lil Rev’Dianella tasmanica ‘TR20′ P.P# 18737 Tasred

Cape Rush

Grass and grass-like

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  • Chondropetalum tectorum

    Chondropetalum tectorum also known as Cape Rush or Small Cape Rush is a beautiful grass-like plant from South Africa. Southern California’s climate mimics that of the Cape area and also the Mediterranean. Small Cape Rush forms dense tufted clumps from which arise 2-3 feet tall dark green unbranched stems. Late ...[ read more ]

  • Cordyline banksii x australis x pumilo ‘Renegade’ PP#18605

    Striking broad glossy deep purple-black foliage in a clumping form. Lightly fragrant sprays of tiny white star shaped blooms mid-late summer. Excellent choce for a pot or container borders evening lighting or modern-type architecture.  Funn sun to part shade. Once established requires minimal water.

  • Cordyline burgundy ‘Design-a-Line’ PP#24764

    Unique cascading grass-like habit is ideal for containers on patios, along walls or walkways, or as accent plants in mixed borders. This low maintenance plant provides rich, burgundy color all year and works great with succulents. This cordyline is one of the varieties found in the Sunset Western Garden Collection.

  • Tufted Hair Grass

    Deschampsia caespitosa ‘Northern Lights’

    Moderate-growing evergreen ornamental grass to 8-14” tall and wide. This attractive variegated variety forms a tufted mound of narrow, upright to arching, green and creamy-white leaves that develop a lovely pink tinge in the cool of winter. Stems of small, tan-colored flower stems rise above the attractive foliage in summer. ...[ read more ]

  • Tufted Harigrass

    Deschampsia cespitosa

    Deschampsia cespitosa is commonly called Tufted Hair Grass. It is highly variegated with green and creamy white leaves that have a rosy pink blush when they emerge in early spring. Tufted Hair Grass produces buff colored flowers and makes an excellent specimen plant or groundcover.

  • Dianella caerulea ‘DBB03′ Cassa Blue™ P.P.# 17998

    An extremely versatile and easy-care dwarf selection with lush blue-green foliage and blue flowers followed by attractive purple berries. An excellent mass planting or border in front of shrubs. Tolerates most any soil and salt spray. Evergreen. Erect foliage 1½ ft. tall slowly spreading clump.

  • Dianella caerulea ‘DCMP01′ Little Becca P.P.# 18452

    Luxuriant green leaves form dense small stature clumps with versatile tough as nails constitution. Spires of small blue flowers followed by blue berries. Heat drought and humidity tolerant. Excellent for filling in sparse plantings & massing. Evergreen. Clumping foliage reaches 18 in. tall and wide; flower stems 2 to 3 ...[ read more ]

  • Dianella caerulea ‘DCNC0′ P.P.# 18505 Becca

    An extremely versatile and easy-care selection with lush dark green foliage and soft blue flowers followed by attractive purple berries. An excellent mass planting or border in front of shrubs. Tolerates most any soil and salt spray. Evergreen. Arching foliage 2 ft. tall slowly spreading clump to 2 ft. wide.

  • Dianella hybrid DP401 ‘Clarity Blue™’ PPAF

    Moderate-growing, clumping evergreen perennial to 24-30” tall x 18-24” wide. This attractive hybrid forms a vase-shaped clump of upright-growing, Phormium-like, grayish-blue foliage that’s great for using as a color and texture contrast to darker colored shrubs, succulents or perennials. Adding further appeal, are the tall spikes of loosely-clustered, star-shaped blue ...[ read more ]

  • Dianella revoluta ‘DTN03′ PP#18883 Baby Bliss

    Evergreen compact easy-care clumping perennial best suited for mass plantings or shrub borders. Beautiful blue-green foliage and pale violet flowers follwed by purple berries really is an eye catcher! Tolerates coastal conditions most soils low water requirement and low maintenance. Height: 12"-18" Width: 6"

  • Dianella tasmanica ‘DR5000 P.P.# 17719 ‘Lil Rev’

    Bold blue foliage creates a fine textured accent. Stands alone or in groups and masses. Architectural form plays well in modern gardens. Tolerates wide range of soils drought humidity and heat. Evergreen. Fast growing to 18 to 24 in. tall and wide.

  • Dianella tasmanica ‘TR20′ P.P# 18737 Tasred

    Unique green foliage has a red base which becomes more acute in colder months fading to green in summer. Blue flowers on red stems followed by purple berries. Excellent choice for both tropical and modern garden design. Evergreen. Fast growing foliage forms a clump 18 to 24 in. tall and ...[ read more ]

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