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'Bronze Baby' Phormium

Grass and grass-like

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  • Phormium x ‘Bronze Baby’

    Mid-size evergreen perennial with deep reddish brown semi-upright leaves. Tolerates coast conditions. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Requires less water near coast. Prefers moderate water in warmer areas. Great for large combo planter poolside plantings low water gardens. Height: 4' - 6' Width: 3' - 5'

  • Duet New Zealand Flax

    Phormium x ‘Duet’

    Small evergreen perennial with stiff upright lime green leaves with creamy yellow edges. Great for containers poolside plantings and low water areas. Plant in full sun to partial. Tolerates coastal conditions.

  • Phormium x ‘Yellow Wave’

    Moderate growing evergreen perennial to 3-4’ tall x 4-5’ wide. This popular variety forms a wide clump of arching, sword-like, bright-yellow leaves edged with dark green, that eventually transition to a greenish-yellow in the cool of fall. Well-suited in beds, mixed shrub borders, pond or pool areas, as a mass-planting ...[ read more ]

  • Litte Bluestem Grass

    Schizachyrium scoparium

    Moderate-growing perennial grass to 2-3’ tall x 1-2’ wide. This North America native features upright to slightly-arching foliage that varies in color from green to blue in summer, to shades of muted-red and bronze in the cool of fall and winter. Numerous seed-head spikes rise above the grassy foliage in ...[ read more ]

  • Fiber-Optic Grass

    Scirpus cernuus

    Moderate-growing evergreen sedge to 8-10” tall, spreading to 2-3’ wide via underground stems. This California native forms a flattened mound of narrow, bright-green foliage accented with stems of dark-brown flowers that appear above the foliage in summer. Well-suited as an accent, container specimen or mass-planted groundcover. This species is also ...[ read more ]

  • Autumn Moor Grass

    Sesleria autumnalis

    Spiky clumps of narrow lime green leaves 8-18" with flaxen colored seed heads rising above the clump 6" - 8" late summer into fall. Low maintenance. Excellent filler between other plants or large area massing ground cover.  

  • Needle Grass

    Stipa Pulchra

    This California native is the state's grass. Open airy clumping grass that moves gracefull in the lightest breeze. Adds motion and casual feeling to any garden. Can be invasive if seed heads are allowed to ripen. Cut clumps back to control spreading. Requires very little water. Full sun to part ...[ read more ]

  • Mexican Feather Grass


    (Nassella tenuissima) Forms an finely textured clump 2 foot tall 2-3 foot wide. With needle thin leaves. In summer produces very thin flower stems that arch and end in silvery green 3 inch awns that age to a soft yellow. Will remain attractive into winter. Best if cut to ground ...[ read more ]

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