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Swane's Golden Italian Cypress



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  • Cupressus sempervirens ‘Swane’s Golden’

    This slow-growing evergreen conifer has very attractive yellow foliage, which maintains year-round. Its very narrow, columnar form makes an excellent selection for containers, single specimens or to soften corners. Slowly reaching 15-20' x 2-3', this bright cypress is deer resistant, thrives at the coast and easily spiraled or shaped. Once established requires ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper chinensis ‘Kaizuka’ (Torulosa)

    Fast-growing evergreen shrub or small tree with an upright growth-habit to 20’ tall x 15’ wide. This bold and vigorous variety features dense, rich-deep-green foliage on branching that twists upward to create a dramatic, billowing effect. Perfect for adding a sculptured appearance to the landscape, and is well-suited as a ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper chinensis Blue Point

    Juniper c. Blue Point is a favorite evergreen for stately lawn specimens and tall screens. It is densely branched and grows in a broad pyramid form with blue-green foliage. Blue Point maintains form well with practically no need for trimming.Juniper c. Blue Point is very hardy fast growing and withstands ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper chinensis Old Gold

    Juniper Old Gold has golden foliage. The color is most intense during warmer months but 'Old Gold' looks good through cooler temperatures as well. It must be planted in full sun to maintain its color. Many times this juniper variety is referred to as Gold Coast, but is more commonly ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper chinensis San Jose

    Juniper c. San Jose is an extremely versatile evergreen conifer that can be used as a low border planting a groundcover or as a container planting. San Jose has stiff irregular sage green branches. It makes an excellent choice for a bonsai or other topiary form.

  • Juniper chinensis Sea Green

    Juniper c. Sea Green sometimes called by the common name Sea Green Juniper is a medium green colored evergreen shrub with graceful arching branches. On a juniper like this they are technically called branchlets. Sea Greens are good for backgrounds hillsides and dry areas. They prefer full sun and to ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper chinensis Spartan

    Juniper C. Spartan is a juniper variety with a fast growing dense narrow columnar growth habit.  It tapers slightly from the base to the point.  Spartan foliage is a rich green color all year.  It is a lot like the Skyrocket juniper but is shorter and a little wider than ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper conferta Shore

    Juniper conferta Shore or Shore Juniper is an ornamental low growing shrub that has good salt tolerance. It is especially adapted for use on dune seashore landscapes and when it is planted on banks and terraces the dense vegetation provides good soil erosion protection.Shore juniper grows layered stems to one ...[ read more ]

  • Blue Chip Juniper

    Juniper horizontalis ‘Blue Chip’

    Moderate-growing evergreen shrub with a low, spreading growth habit to 1' tall x 6-8' wide. This hardy, durable variety forms a dense, spreading carpet of attractive silvery-blue-green foliage that is ideally-suited as a groundcover and is highly useful for controlling soil erosion on slopes and hillsides. Tolerates heat, drought, urban ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper horizontalis Hughes

    Juniper H. Hughes is an evergreen shrub with graceful branches that are beautiful when cascading over rocks or walls.  They also do well as an accent plant or groundcover.  Juniper H. Hughes retains its showy silver-blue foliage color through cold winters.  They will establish a deep and extensive root system ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper horizontalis Prince of Wales

    Juniper H. Prince of Wales the Prince of Wales Juniper is a popular evergreen groundcover featuring bright green foliage which turns purplish in winter.  It has a ground-hugging growth habit 8” high and spreads up to 7 feet.  It is quite adaptable to many landscape environments and is a hardy ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper horizontalis Wiltonii

    Juniper H. Wiltonii is a low-growing creeping groundcover that will spread 4-6 feet. The trailing branches form a dense low mat.   Wiltonii foliage is a beautiful silvery blue with a light purplish/bronze tinge in winter.   It grows slowly to moderately fast. Wiltonii is among the fastest growing junipers and has ...[ read more ]

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