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'Bar Harbor' Juniper


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  • Juniper hortizontalis Bar Harbor

    Juniper H. Bar Harbor known as the Bar Harbor Juniper is a very low growing spreading type groundcover.  Many juniper of this variety do not grow more than 6 to 8 inches from the ground. The foliage color is a bluish green but it turns a very distinct purplish color in ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper Procumbens Nana

    Juniper Procumbens Nana is a ground hugging evergreen juniper that provides a dense mound of branches that radiate from the center. Procumbens new growth is bright green but turns to bluish green as it matures. The winter color has a purple tint. It makes a wonderful groundcover. The foliage and ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper sabina Arcadia

    Juniperus sabina 'Arcadia'is a very durable landscape plant.  It produces lacy foliage on its slowly spreading form in a layered growth habit 1 to 1 ½ feet high by 4 feet wide.  It makes a terrific mounded groundcover especially when used on a large scale.  The evergreen Juniper S. Arcadia ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper sabina Broadmoor

    Juniper S. Broadmoor produces a dense mound of graceful spreading branches.  Broadmoor creates an excellent choice for a large scale groundcover but is versatile enough to be placed randomly throughout a rock garden. This evergreen performs well in coastal conditions. Broadmoor is wind resistant with an unusual bright-green color.  It ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper sabina Buffalo

    Juniper S. Buffalo grows as a wide-spreading groundcover. Juniper S. Buffalo has foliage that is soft and feathery.  It is excellent in rock gardens or cascading over walls and planters.  This evergreen Buffalo is easy to grow even under coastal conditions. This Juniper prefers sun and a well-drained soil but ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper sabina Scandia

     Juniperus sabina 'Scandia' is a low growing spreading type evergreen that reaches 12 to 18 inches high and 6 feet wide at maturity.  'Scandia' produces dense bright green feathery foliage.  Scandia can be planted in a pot or in the garden for a foundation or mass planting like a border.  ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper sabina Tamariscifolia

    Juniper S. Tamariscifolia commonly called a “Tam” juniper by some is a densely branched evergreen plant with symmetrically spreading mounds of foliage that make it an excellent choice as a large scale groundcover. Tam junipers spread but are not ground hugging.  They make graceful wide mounds that are lovely as ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper scopulorum ‘Wichita Blue’

    Moderate-growing evergreen shrub or small columnar tree to 10-15’ tall x 4-6’ wide, or greater with age. Exhibiting a strong pyramidal growth-habit, this handsome variety features dense-growing, silvery-blue foliage that retains its coloration throughout the year. Takes well to shearing, and is well-suited as a single specimen or planted in ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper virginiana Burkii

    Juniper V. Burkii grows as a pyramidal shaped shrub from 10 to 25 feet.  The leaves are scale-like with a dull blue band above a narrow green margin and with green beneath. They will look slightly purplish in cold weather.  Burkii is excellent for use as a screen a background ...[ read more ]

  • Juniper virginiana Skyrocket

    Juniper V. Skyrocket grows with a stately columnar form.  It is probably the narrowest juniper available as it resembles a skyrocket.  It is durable and versatile.  Skyrockets are often grouped to form a colorful screen or garden accent.  It has short compact silvery blue foliage.  It is elegant for use ...[ read more ]

  • Emerald Green Arborvitae

    Platycladus occidentallis ‘Emerald Green’

    Large evergreen shrub with a pyramidal growth habit to 10-15' tall x 3-5' wide. This handsome and stately variety features rich dense emerald-green foliage that holds its color throughout winter. Revered for its ability to tolerate heat cold and poor soils this variety is a great choice for using as ...[ read more ]

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