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King Palm



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  • Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

    Mature palms can reach heights up to 50'. Feathery leaves are 8'-10' long when old will shed cleanly off the tree leaving a smooth green trunk. Flowers are clusters of lavander blooming during summer. Protect from high winds and frost. Mature palms can stand temperatures down to 28*F. Sun to ...[ read more ]

  • Arecastrum (Syagrus) romanzoffianum

    Mature palms can reach heights up to 50' tall,  20'-25' foot wide. Feathery fronds are 10'-15' long. Flowers are clusters of white to cream blooming during summer, producing attractive decorative orange dates. Mature palms can stand temperatures down to 25°F has been known to recover from temperatures down to 16°F. Sun ...[ read more ]

  • Brahea Armata

    Brahea Armata is commonly known as the Mexican Blue Palm and sometimes as ""blue hesper palm"".  Brahea armata is a palm native to Baja California and is widely planted as an ornamental.  It grows to a height of 45 feet with a stout trunk. Brahea Armata is considered to be ...[ read more ]

  • Brahea edulis

    Brahea edulis is commonly known as the Guadalupe Palm.  It has been native to the Guadalupe Islands but is becoming quite popular in other parts of the world. The fruit it bears has a sweet pulp.  Brahea edulis has bluish-green fan-shaped leaves and grows to about 30 feet tall.   The ...[ read more ]

  • Butia capitata

    Slow-growing evergreen palm to 15-20’ tall and wide. This attractive species forms a stout solitary trunk topped with gracefully arching gray-green fronds that bend back towards the trunk creating a rounded appearance. Older fronds will persist on the trunk until trimmed. In warmer climates showy 3-4’ long stems of clustered ...[ read more ]

  • Chamaerops humilis

    Slow-growing, hardy, clumping evergreen palm typically growing to 10-15’ tall and wide, or greater with age. The hardiest of all palms available, this Mediterranean native is a clumping species forming multiple slender trunks topped with attractive, spiny, fan-like bluish-green fronds. Panicles of inconspicuous creamy-yellow flowers appear at the base of ...[ read more ]

  • Sago Palm

    Cycas revoluta

    Thick short brown trunk topped with arching dark green feathery leaves to 2 or 3 ft long. Mature height and width slow growth to a high as 10 ft by 10 ft with offshoots on larger specimens. Best in full sun. Hardy to Zone 8 Can withstand temperatures to 15* ...[ read more ]

  • Canary Island Date Palm

    Phoenix canariensis

    Large, slow-growing evergreen palm to 50-60’ tall, forming a canopy of fronds to 40’ wide. Slow-growing in youth, this bold species eventually speeds up in growth-rate to form a broad trunk topped with long, gracefully arching medium-green fronds armed with sharp leaf spikes at the base of their fronds. Older ...[ read more ]

  • Phoenix roebelenii

    Small, slow-growing evergreen palm to 6-10’ tall, forming a canopy of fronds to 5-7’ wide. Often planted in multiples, this popular landscape favorite is ideal for creating a tropical effect in smaller spaces where a larger palm might be overwhelming. A narrow, rough-textured tapering trunk is topped with gracefully arching, ...[ read more ]

  • Windmill Palm

    Trachycarpus fortunei

    Moderate-growing evergreen palm to 25-30’ tall, forming an 8-10’ wide canopy with age. One of the hardiest of palms, this popular species features broad, deep-green, fan-like fronds held on an attractive, thatch-retaining tapered trunk. Highly popular as a landscape lighting subject and perfect for adding a tropical feel to any ...[ read more ]

  • Mexican Fan Palm

    Washingtonia robusta

    Fast-growing, tropical evergreen palm to 80-100’ tall, forming a 10-15’ wide crown with age. A standout in the skyline, this highly-popular, vigorous-growing species has long-been revered for its toughness and durability. A single, slender, towering trunk is topped with large, glossy, fan-shaped, 3-4’ wide deep-green fronds that lend a tropical ...[ read more ]

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