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Serbian Bellflower


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  • Campanula poscharskyana

    Fast-growing herbaceous perennial to 8” tall, spreading via underground stems to 2-3’ wide. This vigorous, adaptable species thrives in both warmer and cooler climates and forms dense carpet of heart-shaped, medium-green leaves highlighted with a profusion of star-shaped, lavender-blue flowers. The abundant flowers are held on wiry stems that rise ...[ read more ]

  • Canna ‘Firebird’

    Fast-growing herbaceous perennial to 3’ tall x 16-20” wide. Canna has long been a garden favorite revered for its fast-growing, lush, tropical foliage and magnificent display of vibrant summer color. This attractive variety features large, grayish-green leaves accented with tall spikes of fiery-red flowers that rise above the attractive foliage ...[ read more ]

  • Canna x generalis ‘Firebird’

    This herbaceaous perennial is extremely versatile in the garden. Use in water gardens border container along poolside or mass planting. Prefers full sun with regular waterings. Does require more water during the hottest summer time. Remove spent blooms to encourage additonal flowers. Attracts hummingbirds. Brilliant red flowers.

  • Frosted Curls New Zealand Hair Sedge

    Carex comans ‘Frosted Curls’

    Moderate to slow-growing, clumping, grass-like evergreen perennial to 12-18" tall and wide. This low-maintenance variety forms a fountain-like clump of attractive, narrow, curly-tipped, silvery-green foliage accented with small green flower spikes that appear in mid-summer. While this adaptable selection thrives in moist to wet soils, it has also shown a ...[ read more ]

  • Blue Sedge

    Carex glauca

    Slow-growing, clumping, grass-like evergreen to semi-evergreen perennial to 8-12" tall and wide. This attractive species features neat-looking, narrow, blue-green foliage that is ideal for contrasting with other foliage colors on hillsides, banks or in mixed shrub borders. Also looks great when planted in mass and can even be used as ...[ read more ]

  • Japanese Sedge

    Carex morrowii

    Moderately-slow growing, clumping, grass-like evergreen perennial to 12" tall x 18-24” wide. This attractive species forms a rounded-mound of narrow, gracefully arching medium-green foliage that is ideal for using as a texture contrast to broadleaf shrubs and perennials. Well-suited for hillsides, banks, mixed shrub borders, as a mass planting, or ...[ read more ]

  • Berkeley Sedge

    Carex tumulicola

    Moderately slow-growing, clumping, grass-like evergreen perennial to 1-2’ tall and wide. This California native species features narrow, gracefully arching medium-green leaves, accented with greenish-colored flowers that mature to light-brown and appear winter through spring. Removing these flowers will prevent reseeding, as this species can self-sow. This versatile plant will grow ...[ read more ]

  • Dusty Miller

    Centaurea cineraria

    Centaurea cineraria sometimes called ‘Velvet Centaurea’ is also known as “Dusty Miller”. It is a small plant that originates from an island in Italy. The mature plants will grow from 6 inches to 24 inches. They prefer full sun but will tolerate light shade. Prefers average to rich well-drained soil. ...[ read more ]

  • Jupiter's Beard Red Valerian

    Centranthus ruber

    Centranthus ruber (Red Valerian or Jupiter's Beard) is a well-branched bushy clump-forming woody-based perennial which is valued for its ability to produce showy blooms in poor soils in spring through late summer. Blooming can be very sporadic. Small star-shaped red flowers appear in dense terminal clusters atop upright to relaxed ...[ read more ]

  • Plumbago

    Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

    Plumbago (also commonly called leadwort) is a wiry mat-forming perennial which spreads to form an attractive ground cover. Typically grows 6-10 tall on erect stems. Oval to obovate shiny medium green leaves (to 2" long) turn bronze-red in autumn. Terminal clusters blue flowers appear above the foliage over a long ...[ read more ]

  • Chrysanthemum m. Snow Lady

    Chrysanthemum m. Snow Lady is a dwarf variety of the famous Shasta Daisy.  The reliable Snow Lady perennial produces many pure white daisy-like flowers with yellow button centers. They are sun-loving plants and have been long time garden favorites blooming in summer and fall.  They are shallow-rooted and need moist ...[ read more ]

  • Ground Morning Glory

    Convolvulus ‘Mauritanicus’

    Convolvulus Mauritanicus is an easy to grow trailing perennial which is sometimnes used as a grouncover and is sometimes called Ground Morning Glory. It can drape itself over the edge growing areas or planters. It has delicate blue flowers. Convolvulus spreads in a refined manner and flowers from spring into ...[ read more ]

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