Agave ellemeetianaEugenia myrtifolia ‘Variegata’ Lemon SwirlPittosporum tenuifolium ‘Beach Ball’™ (PITTLB2’ PPAF)


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  • Ellemeet's Agave

    Agave ellemeetiana

    Compact, evergreen succulent with attractive soft green-bluish soft broad leaves, similar to Agave attenuata. This is a more tropical succulent, requiring more shade and water than most other Agaves. Excellent around pools or walkways, specimen plant or accent. Height: 1-2' Width: 2'-3'

  • Eugenia myrtifolia ‘Variegata’ Lemon Swirl

    Slow to moderate-growing evergreen shrub with columnar to pyramidal growth-habit to 15-20' tall x 8-10'wide with age. This attractive variety features dense-growing, glossy green leaves with irregular creamy-white margins, which makes a wonderful contrast to the emergence of its bronzy-red juvenile foliage. Adding further appeal are the brush-like, creamy-white flowers ...[ read more ]

  • Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Beach Ball’™ (PITTLB2’ PPAF)

    Slow-growing evergreen shrub naturally reaching 3-4' tall by 3-4' wide in a 10 year period. Unlike similar varieties Beachball  requires less frequent pruning to maintain its shape and truly is compact. In addition Beachball

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