Alyogyne huegelii

Blue Hibiscus
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Plant Type




Overall Mature Size


Mature Height & Spread

5-8′ x 5-8


Full to partial sun


Medium, Low Water

Flower Color


Bloom Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Special Features

Attracts Birds, Butterflies, Hedge, Low Water Use

Container Sizes

#1, #5, #15

Natural Growth Habit


Sunset Garden Zones

13-17, 20-24

Minimum USDA Hardiness Zone


Fast-growing evergreen shrub with an upright growth-habit to 5-8’ tall and wide. Best-suited to milder climates, this Australian native forms a large rounded mound of deeply-lobed, rough-textured dark-green foliage, and is prized for its long-blooming display of eye-catching, hibiscus-like, iridescent purplish-blue flowers that appear in abundance throughout the warmer months of the year. Each vibrant flower can last to as many as 2-3 days long, and is a favorite for hummingbirds. Relatively care-free, this versatile species is well-suited as an accent, foundation planting, border or hedge, as well as making a good container specimen. Tolerates a variety of soil types, though a well-drained soil is essential for this species to perform to its potential. Requires moderate to little water once established, and thrives in a full to partial sun exposure.

USDA Zone: 10A-11
Sunset Zone: 13-17, 20-24, H1, H2

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