Bulbine frutescens ‘Hallmark’

'Hallmark' Bulbine
Category: .
Plant Type

Succulent, Perennial



Overall Mature Size


Mature Height & Spread

1-2′ x 3-4′


Full Sun, partial Shade


Low water

Flower Color


Bloom Time

Spring, Summer

Special Features

Attracts Birds, Butterflies, Deer Resistant

Container Sizes

#1, #5

Natural Growth Habit


Sunset Garden Zones

H1, 14-24

Minimum USDA Hardiness Zone


Bulbine frutescens ‘Hallmark’ is commonly called Orange Stalked Bulbine. It is a succulent groundcover that has narrow fleshy bright green foot long leaves. They form an open rosette of leaves growing to 18 inches and spreading to create 2 to 3 foot wide clumps. Orange Stalked Bulbine produces orange flowers with frilly yellow stamens on long stalks that rise above the foliage.Bulbine frutescens ‘Hallmark’ should be planted in full sun to light shade in well-drained soils. It requires very little irrigation. It is evergreen and cold hardy to 20 degrees F. It has a bloom period that goes into the summer in coastal areas.

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