Cordyline ‘Festival™ Burgundy’ PP#14,224

Festival™ Burgundy Cordyline
FestivalTM Burgundy Cordyline
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Plant Type




Overall Mature Size


Mature Height & Spread

3′ x 3′


Full to partial sun


Medium, Low Water

Flower Color

Pink, White

Bloom Time


Special Features

Coastal Conditions, Low Water Use

Container Sizes

#1, #5, #15

Natural Growth Habit


Sunset Garden Zones

8, 9, 14-24

Minimum USDA Hardiness Zone


Moderate-growing, palm-like evergreen typically-growing to 3’ tall and wide. This unique, small-growing variety features narrow, glossy, arching, deep-burgundy-colored leaves that are great for lending a tropical-looking color and texture contrast to the landscape. Branched stems of small, star-shaped pinkish-white flowers standout nicely against its deep-colored foliage in summer. Especially striking when accompanied by brightly-colored shrubs and perennials, this attractive variety is well-suited as an accent or focal point, and makes an outstanding centerpiece for large mixed containers. An ideal selection for pool or patio areas. Tolerates coastal conditions, though protection from direct sea wind is recommended as well as some protection from hot afternoon sun in warmer inland climates. Though capable of withstanding drier conditions once established, a more robust-looking specimen will be achieved with moderate watering in a well-drained soil. Thrives in a partial to full sun exposure.

USDA Zone: 8-11
Sunset Zone: 8, 9, 14-24

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