Liriope Gigantea

Giant Lily Turf
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Plant Type




Overall Mature Size


Mature Height & Spread

2-3′ x 1-2′


Full Sun, Full Shade


Medium Water

Flower Color

Blue, Lavender

Bloom Time


Special Features

Coastal Conditions, Shade Tolerant

Container Sizes

#1, #5

Natural Growth Habit


Sunset Garden Zones

5-9, 14-24

Liriope Gigantea produces lush dark green foliage.  This evergreen perennial is excellent for edging and borders in gardens where there may be difficult shady areas.  Liriope Gigantea forms clumps of dark green long grass-like leaves reaching 3 feet tall and wide.  It produces small white flowers among the foliage that are followed by metallic violet-blue fruit.

Liriope is also called lilyturf.  In this case it is Giant Lilyturf.  Lilyturf is considered a workhorse plant for warmer shade gardens.  It thrives in courtyards and atriums where the soil often remains moist a lot of the time.  Its uniform growth size makes it ideal as an edging plant.

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