Morus alba

Fruitless Mulberry
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Overall Mature Size


Mature Height & Spread

30-50′ x 30-50′


Full sun


Medium Water

Flower Color


Bloom Time


Special Features

Attracts Birds, Butterflies, Desert Conditions, Fall Color

Container Sizes

#5, #15, 24″ Box

Natural Growth Habit


Sunset Garden Zones


Minimum USDA Hardiness Zone


Morus alba also known as a white mulberry is a deciduous fast-growing small to medium sized mulberry tree.  It typically grows to 30 to 50 feet tall and with a canopy spread nearly as wide.  Although Morus alba is native to northern China it is widely cultivated elsewhere in the world.

Morus albausually develops a wide-spreading crown as it matures.  The leaves of this tree are used in China as the primary diet for silkworms used to make silk. Morus alba trees were introduced to North America during colonial times and can be seen throughout much of the U.S.

Morus albahas been planted for erosion control and used as a windbreak.  White mulberry can produce small yellowish-green flowers in spring.  Flowers on female Morus albatrees are followed by sweet and edible blackberry-like fruits that mature in June.  Morus albahas glossy rounded dark green leaves. The glossy leaf surfaces distinguish Morus albafrom the red mulberry tree.  Fall color of the Morus albacan be yellowish slightly green or brownish in hue.

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