Rhamnus californica ‘Eve Case’

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Rhamnus californica ‘Eve Case’ is a form of Rhamnus californica.  It is known commonly as the Eve Case Coffeeberry.  Eve Case has a more refined and formal look and it grows slightly slower than californica.  Rhamnus californica ‘Eve Case’ is evergreen and grows in a more compact form than californica.  It can still grow up to 8 feet or more however and nearly as wide but is generally pruned selectively to a height of 4 to 6 feet.

‘Eve Case’ has 3 inch long dark green leaves growing from reddish stems.  The inconspicuous flowers are of a greenish-yellow color.  The flowers are followed by green berries that turn red and finally black when they are ripe. Rhamnus californica ‘Eve Case’ is a hardy shrub that can grow in most soils but it prefers sandy soil grown in full sun to light shade. One more positive attribute to discuss: it is drought tolerant and can live most places on just the rainwater it receives throughout the year.  It is versatile and can be used as an ornamental shrub a screen a simple background plant or the focal point of a garden.


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