Rhamnus Mound San Bruno

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Mound San Bruno is another evergreen shrub in the Rhamnus californica family.  They are otherwise known as Coffeeberry.  ‘Mound San Bruno is native to California.  It is much more compact in growth form than californica.  It can grow 4 to 6 feet tall but nearly twice as wide as it is tall.  Mound San Bruno has greenish-white flowers that are considered to be inconspicuous but they produce many dark red almost black berries when they are ripe.

 ‘Mound San Bruno’ Coffeeberry is often used as a shrub-like groundcover. It is slightly smaller than Rhamnus californica Eve Case.  ‘Mound San Bruno is a bit less tolerant of drought sun heat or cold than the other rhamnus but makes a very good choice for mild coastal environments.  Some gardeners consider it to be a good substitute for Rhaphiolepis.


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