Save Water Stay Green

Save Water - Stay GreenGreat News!

Plants we thought needed tons of water to thrive and bloom are doing just fine with a fraction of the water once used. Our landscapes have stayed green and continue to flower in spite of the decreased water usage mandated by our governor.

Here’s the message: We can save water and stay green.

Recently, many homeowners and commercial landscapers have opted to remove water-loving turf and replace it with decomposed granite, crushed rock or bark. The addition of a few plants and cactus scattered here and there created some arid and stark looking landscapes. Not very appealing or inviting.

Let’s keep our lush looking yards. Village Nurseries grows a vast variety of low water requiring plants, over 80% of what we grow fills that bill. The options are endless and we can help!

Now’s the time! The links below will help you find the right plants. It’s a win-win. With Village Nurseries, you can Save Water-Stay Green and have the vibrant garden you want.

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