Wish List

Build your own Wish List

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a presentation to show a friend or client the plants that you like? Our updated website has a Build A Wish List feature,which allows you create your own customized plant list for a specific project or use. Here are the easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Log into our website villagenurseries.com.
  2. Click ‘Wish List’ in the upper right corner.image1
  3. Name your list and select ‘Create’image2
  4. Go to ‘Plant Library’ to begin selecting your plantsimage3
  5. Select ‘Wish List’ above photoimage4
  6. Check box next to the list. Select ‘Add plant to checked list’ to place item on listimage5
  7. Select ‘Go to Plant Library‘ to add more. Select ‘Back to Wish List Home Page’ to create a new list. Select icon to print, email or share your list.image6
  8. That’s it! Your Wish List is now ready to be used in a presentation,as a shopping list or email to your Village sales rep to check availability.

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